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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Discover the other news of the week with twelve stunning photographs. Tell us what you think in the comments.

iscover the other news of the week with twelve stunning photographs. Tell us what you think in the comments.

A boy takes his cock in front of his house near the town of Gauriganj in India, 17 February 2012. It actually has the title of "Yuva Samrat", said "young emperor". However, Rahul Gandhi has so far never claimed the throne of the world's largest democracy. REUTERS / Adnan Abidi A group member Diablada Urus, disguised as an angel during the Carnival parade in Oruro, south of La Paz in Bolivia, February 18, 2012. Party and religion mingle during the celebrations in Oruro, a mining and commercial city with over 200,000 inhabitants. Reuters / David Mercado Rahul, nine years, takes makeup to look like a demon before the start of a religious procession during the festival Mahashivratri, February 18, 2012. REUTERS / Mukesh Gupta A red fox is chased by a red-crowned crane in the village of Tsurui on the island of Hokkaido, north Japan, February 18, 2012. AFP / Takashi NOGUCHI A partygoer Celebrates Carnival in overlapping mangrove mud Curu├ža in Brazil where the Amazon River flows into the Atlantic, February 19, 2012. REUTERS / Paulo SantosStatues of Buddhist monks are aligned near a temple in Payathonzu, near the Burmese border with Thailand, 20 February 2012. REUTERS / Sukree Sukplang A boy dressed as Lord Shiva bites the head of a python at the festival of Mahashivratri, in the Indian city of Chandigarh, February 20, 2012. REUTERS / Ajay Verma Commissioner of the European Economic and Monetary Affairs, Olli Rehn, this economic forecast during a conference at EU headquarters in Brussels, February 23, 2012.REUTERS / Francois Lenoir A woman in a wheelchair facing the only riot police in central La Paz, Bolivia, February 23, 2012. Hundreds of disabled persons arrived in La Paz Thursday after showing for nearly 100 days of the Bolivian government to require funding of about EUR 322 for each disabled citizen. Reuters / David Mercado A riot policeman strangling a protester at a rally of support to the people of the Aysen region in Chile, February 23, 2012. The people of the Aysen region have protested against the government, requiring the obtaining of a minimum wage and implementation of reforms on health, housing, education, pensions and the right to fish. REUTERS / Ivan AlvaradoChandra Bahadur Dangi, who claims to be the smallest man in the world at 56 inches, trying to grab a glass of water, in Kathmandu, Nepal, 23 February 2012. Dangi must be measured by Guinness World Records committee on Feb. 26 to check whether it is the smallest man in the world. Reuters / Navesh Chitrakar

Jooseppi-Palle, a male brown bear in the zoo Ranua Finland, wakes up after its winter hibernation, February 23, 2012. AFP