Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Benefits Of The Liquid Gold-Moroccan Argan Oil On Skin

Argan Oil is extracted from the kernels of the Argan fruit. The Argan tree is also known as Argania, and it is originated from Southwest Morocco .These trees are two hundred years old and have survived decades. Pure Argan Oil is used through out the Moroccan history by men and women and it is known for its health and beauty benefits. It is only a few days before The Moroccan Argan Oil miraculous benefits is known by the people and it is now used in many beauty products all around the world .Argan oil is rich in vitamin and mineral content . It consists of antioxidants like vitamin e, carotene’s, phenolic acid etc .It consists of natural skin lubricants and fatty acids that are used to manage frizzy and rough hair .It also repairs the split ends and breakage in hair and retain the natural shine. Argan oil causes miracles in screen .It is like an eraser that erases all the scars, pimple and chickenpox marks and also polishes the skin with its amazing anti ageing properties .The natural fatty acids available in the Argan oil repairs all the skin damage caused due to harmful radicals .It is the best moisturizer that can be used because it contains multiple oils, vitamin and minerals. Argan Oil is recognized as the best beauty oil only in the recent years. But because of its deterioration in the recent years the production and sale of the Moroccan Argan Oil has been initiated by a group of women’s representatives from the Southwest Morocco. These trees are now in danger of extinction and are now under the protection by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization that is the UNESCO. The Argan trees take 17 years to ripen to produce Argan oil with the increased in the sales of The Argan Oil, The Argan industry has wrought jobs for more than hundreds of Berber people in Morocco and has also explained the benefits of the Miracle oil to the world.

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